About the VMHA

The by-laws of the VMHA defines the Purpose and Objectives of the Verner Minor Hockey Association are:

  1. To govern and administrate “House League” hockey in accordance with the bylaws and playing rules of Hockey Canada and their affiliates. Notably the affiliates are the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), the Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA) and the Nipissing District Hockey League (NDHL).

  2. To foster the development of players, coaches, trainers and managers to the highest possible level.

  3. To promote and encourage the game of hockey within the community.

  4. To provide a hockey program which is of the best quality while still affordable to any person wishing to participate.

  5. To promote the concepts of sportsmanship and fair-play amongst its teams and ensure its teams conduct themselves with proper behaviour. Players, staff and parents shall be encouraged to represent the community and their Association, the VMHA ,with the utmost pride, class and integrity.

The VMHA shall maintain a Code of Conduct which will be distributed to players, parents and coaching staff. The purpose of this document is to ensure that the objectives of the VMHA are upheld throughout the membership. It will be distributed to all members at the beginning of each season. The Code of Conduct can be amended at any time at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The VMHA's Board of Directors for 2022-23 is comprised of the following members: (AGM on April 24, 2022)

Executive Committee

President | Tim Rhéaume

Vice-President | Emily Collins

Past President | Renée Giguère

Secretary | Natasha Labelle

Treasurer | Pauline Betty

Registrar | Serge Larocque

Director Representative (TBD)


Fundraising | Michèle Desjardins

Scheduling | Michèle Desjardins

Player & Staff Development TBD

Equipment Anick Génier

Tournaments TBD

Officiating | Jean Audette

Members at Large

  • Mike O'Connor

  • Gaston Betty